Scotch Cordy Poongtalai (Malva Nut and Cordyceps Extract with Vitamin C) (Scotch ®) absorbs fat and stimulate the excretion, low calories containing only 15 calories per bottle. The product suitable for drinking to support the stomach before having a heavy meal, can drink instead of snacks/ sweet and also drink between meals or drink before bedtime to stimulate the excretion in the morning, causing the belly to collapse without belly.

Ingredients (100 ml.)

  • White grape juice (from white grape juice concentrate) 10.00%
  • Malva Nut (Poongtalai) 5.00%
  • Sugar 1.80%
  • Vitamin C 0.02%
  • Cordyceps Extract 0.003%


Scotch Cordy Cordyceps