With no caramels, fats, and preservatives, Scotch 100% Essence of Chicken nourishes the body and is an extra source of protein that helps reinforce physical strength and health.
Ingredient (42 ml.)
  • Essence of Chicken 100%


Essence of chicken, bird’s nest beverage, collagen beverage and fruit essence concentrate that are contained in well-sealed bottle and labeled by Food and Drug Administration Thailand can be consumed straight from bottle both chill or warm. Once the bottle is opened, it should be refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours. Product should be stored at room temperature to maintain its quality.

Scotch Kitz Choco is suitable for kids in age that can have other complementary food than milk.

Scotch Essence of Chicken is formulated with high technology process using certified and high quality chicken. With HYDROLYSIS process under 120C heat for 5 hours at least, all germs contaminated in food are killed. (According to Department of Communicable Disease Control, Ministry of Health at temperature at 70C microbes will be killed) After FILTRATION which is an elaborate method to separate and remove impurities, it is passed to STERILISATION at as high temperature as 121C for 20 minutes again to ensure it is clean and free from all microbial lives and maintain the high quality and long shelf life. Thus the essence of chicken can be trusted as extracted product under hygienic manufacturing and safe from bird flu.

Essence of chicken is conducted with extraction method under right temperature and pressure. It passes filter process to purely obtain nutrients that are good to your body leaving out fats and cholesterol. Our body then can fully absorb and digest. This makes the home-made chicken soup different from essence of chicken that fat and cholesterol still remain.