Made from the finest  genuine  golden  bird’s nest with high quality standard from natural cave, soft and delicate. SCOTCH have been inspected and assured of quality control standard. Consequently, the consumers can trust in the quality of product. 
  • Dried bird’s nest (before boiling) 1.10% 
  • Rock Sugar 9.00%


Bird’s nest Manuka honey can be consumed by those suffer from diabetes. Manuka honey that is this drink’s component has 1.6 time of more sweetness than sugar. Thus, there is no need to add more amount of it to gain the same sweet taste. Besides honey sugar usually contains fructose that body can absorb directly without leaving residues.

Essence of chicken, bird’s nest beverage, collagen beverage and fruit essence concentrate that are contained in well-sealed bottle and labeled by Food and Drug Administration Thailand can be consumed straight from bottle both chill or warm. Once the bottle is opened, it should be refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours. Product should be stored at room temperature to maintain its quality.

Real bird’s nest costs high price, as a result, tree gum is used as an imitation. Gum is sticky and after soaking, it does not dissolve but swells a bit like gelatin. It won’t scatter when boiling like real bird’s nest. Its texture is rough and gives a feeling of jelly when chewing. With their similar appearance, consumers may find it difficult to be able to differentiate fake bird’s nest from real bird’s nest. Hence, the best way to select quality bird’s nest beverage, the following should be carefully considered; trustable manufacturers or distributors, label with complete details of food name, food serial number, ingredients, manufacturing and expiry date. With all these information you can trust its quality and can safely consume.